S.i.2.G. Creative Services

Freelance Video Editor

Professional Video Editing on Avid or Premiere

Hello. I am a UK-based freelance video editor and motion graphics designer with over twenty-five years of experience. I offer creative services - in exchange for payment, of course.

My portfolio contains television programmes, corporate videos, commercials, concerts, branded content and all manner of digital uploads. I have worked for the world's largest brands and the most promising entrepreneurs, and all my clients get the same reliable service.

With expertise in Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and 3D Studio Max, to name but a few, the videos, motion graphics and animations I create are no less than broadcast quality.

If you need me to work in your office, I am happy to travel to any UK location. You can also get the same top-quality video creation if I work remotely from my own little design studio at home.

Whatever video you need, no matter what platform, I am an industry expert you can rely on. You're guaranteed a professional job, finished on time and on budget.

Graphic Designer

Animations, Motion Graphics and Graphic Design

Graphic design and animation have always been at the core of my career, which started at the UK’s largest post-production facilities in Soho. Before Adobe After Effects became the industry’s portable graphics powerhouse, I was driving high-end design systems like Quantel, Flame and DS.

Previous work includes promos for Discovery Channel, title sequences for the BBC, visual effects for Ford Motor Company and animation for Network Rail.

I offer a wide range of motion graphic and animation styles - from films with nicely designed text to animated explainer videos, 2D motion graphics to 3D animations. I am happy to help you achieve the look that represents your brand.


Professional Photography and Camera Work

High-quality photographic images are the essence of any professional video, with lighting, layout and technical execution all playing a vital role. Whether we’re shooting video, laying-out graphics or designing 3D animations, the skill of photography is required throughout.

In an ever-demanding industry, I often venture outside the edit suite to film or photograph my clients' needs. With the skill of post-production firmly under my belt, I am able to achieve high-quality photography and videography which is shot specifically to meet the requirements of the editorial – directing the subjects, framing for graphics and shooting seamless shot progression.

If you’re looking for a photographer that can offer more than just nice photos you’ve come to the right place. Photography will always play an important part in my work life as I strive to achieve better-looking videos.